What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

By | October 21, 2019

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

When it comes to arranging the best chinchilla bedding, there are several choices available to select from. The willow and apple woods are most suggested option for chinchillas. Normally, many people know that the chinchillas require particular food items, but some of us do not know what the chinchillas need daily in their cages in order to keep them happy and healthy as well. In fact, a space is more valuable in the chinchilla cage and they often like to climb as well as jump and they needs more space.

The chemicals present in cedar and pine can build them good for absorbing the bad odours, but quite terrible for your small chinchilla’s lungs. The chinchillas basically are adorable tiny rodents that mainly found on dry mountain areas. They are well-known; because of their thick soft fur, which safeguards them from the hard factors of the atmosphere. When you are dealing with a chinchilla cage, there are so many things needed to consider and below are some essential guidelines to follow before choosing the best chinchilla bedding:

Larger cage is good

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

close-up grey chinchilla in the cage

You should consider obtaining a larger cage for chinchillas; because they love to roam around, run and play in their cage often. Even the chinchillas are larger than guinea pigs and thus, the larger chinchilla cages are ideal choice for them to free play and jump around.

Prefer wire cage

The wire cage is a most preferred form of chinchilla’s cage in order to keep them in safeguarded all the times. Make sure the cage has to be plain wire that not coloured or painted to prevent intoxication while eaten. You can also even locate a cage in a strong table or in a stand for more protection.

Temperature monitor

You must also think on a suitable place, where to position the chinchilla cages preferably a cool place will do. You should be mindful not to expose too much lighting, which can cause overheating to them. Normally, the ideal temperature is setting between 65 to 75 degrees F.

Thorough cage cleaning

The chinchillas can obtain dirty more time, because of often wastes and urination. So, the regular floor cleaning should be done to sweep off the foul odours. The solid wood can be placed on a top of the wire floors, so not to hurt their feet. Also, the chinchillas like to piss in a specific place inside a cage, so placing the additional bedding can perform well in absorbing the additional odour and moisture as well.

Playing time

As like many pets, the chinchillas love to play by roaming and running around. Also, this is a best exercise for them to be healthy. If you need them to play outside of their cage, you just supervise them closely. The chinchillas also love to eat, so you have to give toys very carefully and not to provide them small toys that can be swallowed very easily.

Therefore, the chinchillas are delicate and very subtle to handle with a proper care and the best chinchilla bedding, so that they can feel better and healthier as well.

Bedding for chinchilla pets- Select a safe and practical cage that permits fast cleaning

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

When you are attempting to decide which form of cage might be the best choice for your new chinchilla, first of all, you must keep in mind that the chinchillas always love to climb and jump onto many things. So, it is good to select the best chinchilla bedding that is taller than it’s wide. You must also remember that these chinchillas are larger than guinea pigs, so they want bigger cages than any other pets. The tiny gaps on a bottom of the cage can support to avoid leg injuries, when your chinchilla runs or walks in its cage.

Usually, the best cages for chinchilla pets have a pull-out try to allow simple cleaning. If you have a solid floor, you can simply place the newspaper or wood shavings on the bottom. These pull-out trays must be cleaned minimum once in a week, but the solid floors will need it more often. You should also disinfect the whole cage thoroughly minimum once per month. Luckily, the chinchillas choose a specific area of a cage for urinating. This habit allows you to place the additional bedding over there and greatly supports to absorb the urine. In order to absorb the urine’s odour, you can even sprinkle some baking soda spread over there.

Making a comfortable bedding for your chinchilla

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

In fact, the chinchilla cage is ultimately important in order to build your pet healthy and happy as well. This cage should be perfect in all measures as well as senses. The foremost thing to learn is that the chinchillas are naturally exotic animals. But, these chinchillas are not at all equivalent to ferrets, rabbits and hamsters as well. Actually, these chinchilla pets need specific cage preparation from inside to outside, size and shape of a cage that matters more. Below are step by step procedures to make a most comfortable cage for your chinchilla that includes:

Location of a cage

The chinchillas always love to be in a cold place. Hence, locate a cage in such place that is non-drafty, well-ventilated and also definitely cool. Also, the cage should not be place in an area that is over 70 F in temperature.

Size of a cage

The chinchillas are very active and they require more space to run or jump all over there. The minimal measurement for a cage of chinchilla is around 3 ft x 3 ft. If a cage is tiny in size, then your pet will be greatly prone to behavioural problems and specific health issues.

If you decide on having a chinchilla pet in your home, these things will surely you want to know on how to care for your pet. When it comes to the chinchilla cages, you can prefer to select the best chinchilla bedding in order to keep your pet happy and healthy forever.