What Road Bike Helmet to Pick?

Finding a road bike helmet can be a little confusing these days. They got the old bike helmet you use to wear growing up with the white foam underneath. Then, you got the aerodynamic and semi aero design bike helmet. It looks little like the skateboard helmets and lance armstrong helmets you see on TV in case you don’t know. Each helmet adds a high demand of protection and can protect you from impacts on bike. Remember, your riding in a bicycle so you shouldn’t need too much protection. If you plan to go down a hill or in woods, your going to need some elbow pads and knee pads too. Back to the main point, you need a best road bike helmet and I will be happy to assist. Read more on this below

Helmets With Full Ventilation

Helmets with full ventilation are the bike helmets you had when you was a kid. Made of foam and other very light weight material. Protects your head from a fall for a limited amount of times. This is not a problem if you don’t plan on falling off your bike more than once. I always fall off once. Never seem to fall off twice. If I was going on a friendly bike splurging path in woods, I would definitely sport this helmet. It brings in so much wind to your head. You hair will not overheat and you will feel like there is a air condition machine going on up there. Great helmet for women too. Women don’t like dealing with sweat in their hair. Get this helmet if you think you won’t fall many times off bike and happen to be a woman.

 Aero Road Bike Helmets

Aero road bike helmets for people who are serious bike racers or racing on bicycles for cash. You should go with these helmets to increase your speed. Now, you need a proper road bike to accommodate and pretty good brakes. Otherwise, your not going to catch as much speed as you should. Additionally, consider getting yourself tires made of pure rubber. No air tires on bike. You got to be serious going down that road and riding the road is going come with hitting small glass cuts and nails. As far as the helmet goes, it is very hard too. Can protect your head really well. But, your face might not get the protection it wants. Now, your nose might not be safe. Helmet not designed to protect nose. The sides of face will not be protected either. You ideally don’t need face protection but you7 should be aware that your face will not be protected with a aero helmet. You might need to wear something else if you want full face protection like a motorcycle helmet or dirt bike helmet which you only need when racing. When your racing on bikes, you get careless and bad things happen really fast.

 Skate Board Bike Helmets

Last, we have the skate board bike helmets. They look like skatebaord helmets and look cool. Don’t let the looks fool you. These helmets can take extreme punishment and good for people who plan to fall off a lot. Designed for skateboarding initially, but can also be used for biking and sky diving. Your helmet will last at least one year with any basic skate board helmet. Impact from the side of face, back, top, and front will be protected. Eyes might need some goggles to get full protection. But, you will get a descent amount of protection for going down any hill in forest area. The draw back, you have to deal with a little helmet weight. The helmets vary in weight size. But, the heavy ones tend to protect your head the best. Skateboard helmets come in many colors, so you won’t have a problem finding a color you like. I also said they look cool earlier. Yes, they look really cool and will not make people think you’re a freak when they see you in person. People will give you a nod and keep walking. All in one, this the best road bike helmet for riding a bike in forest and looking cool. In terms of speed racing, you should go with a aero bike helmet.