The Most Important Gear a Bike Rider Should Have

There are many items that people say you should have on a bike. But, the most important one is the gloves. The helmet is equally important but not the most important one. Your fingers hit the ground hard and try to cover your face out of reflex. You need some slide resistant gloves to help with that. Next, we buy the helmet that is strong enough to protect you against any impact collision. Buy the best helmet for motorcycle you can find. Being cheap is not an option here considering your head is what keeps you alive. Once that snaps in spine you become paralyzed or dead. Last, You need a good long leather jacket. One that comes with padding and can protect you from falling. Purchase these 3 bike gear types and you should be ready to ride on the road. Want to know a little more? Read what is below.

Buy a Helmet

The Most Important Gear a Bike Rider Should Have

A helmet is something you need every 5 years. Don’t depend on that helmet to last you forever. Helmets are glued together and that glue loses its grip over the years. A lot faster than you would think. Have your helmet replaced as soon as you can afford it. Next, buy the best helmet for motorcycle period. Don’t worry about the price. Worry about the accidents your going to get into. I know you think your never going to fall off your bike. But, that is not really the case. I fell off my bike from a small puddle in the road. It is going to happen man. Might not be a big scale ever year but expect little incidents where you fall off bike and bike is still ok.

 Boots Would be Good Idea

Having a nice pair of boots go along way. Boots are your best protection in getting your legs in one piece. Boots are one of the first thing to hit the ground. Having nice steal toe boots would be even better. Your legs could twist in that road if you are going too fast. If you are going to get into a accident, drive into the grass and slow down. It doesn’t matter if you fall off but if you go fast, cause you will mess your bike up and possible twist your legs and cause you to go to hospital. Above all, wear some boots and slow down. You think your fast but you are nothing when the bike loses control and you end up swinging in the sky. You really need to slow down when you see a car in front and drive the speed limit when cars are on the road. All this will make sense once you get into your first accident. No matter what, always wear boots on a bike and slow down before accidents.

 Jacket With Padding for Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle padded jackets are now assailable with the best helmet for motorcycle. This type of jacket is not like a typical 1980 black jacket. It is a very padded motorcycle jacket that is designed to keep you safe when you fall. Padding is added to the sleeves, back, chest, fore arms, and shoulder. You will look like your wearing a jacket on the outside. But, on the inside you will feel a protected vest that will keep you safe on the road. Now, it won’t protect you if you go too fast. But, you can depend on it if you remember to slow down and get into small accidents. The cuts and bruises you normally get will go away. Also, when you fall off your bike you will feel good and safe.