By | February 3, 2014

M   U   D   F   O   O   T

T   H   E      D   I   R   T   Y      H   U   N   D   O

C   Y   C   L   O   C   R   O   S   S

M   A   R   C   H      2   9 TH      7   :   0   0      A   M

G   O   L   D   E   N      S   A   D   D   L   E      C   Y   C   L   E   R   Y

9   0      m   i   l   e   s      9 k      e   l   e   v   a   t   i   o   n

3   5      m   i   l   e   s      o   f      d   i   r   t

3      p   e   r   s   o   n      t   e   a   m   s

Traveling a familiar route up Hwy 39 a left a turn finds a closed trail scarred by the 2009 Station Fire. 25 miles of dirt to Red Box, a climb up towards Mt. Wilson, and rocky descent down Mt. Lowe finds you dirty, tired, and stoked.

Three-person team format. Email name of riders, team name, and city to:

[email protected]

Bring food, tubes, tools, and at least 2 water bottles. Minimal support.

Three person team?

-Yes, cause riding with friends is fun, and safe.

Minimal support?

-You are responsible for yourself and your teammates. Bring at least 2 tubes, food (lots of it), and 2 bottles of water. There is a 35-mile stretch with no water, most the elevation gain will happen there. Some trail magic might come your way but don’t count on it. Bailout points are non-existent for most of the ride.

Cyclocross bike?

-Yes, don’t be ‘that guy’. This ride has been done on a road bike with 700×23 tires. Was it fun? Of course. Was it as much fun as a CX bike not spinning out and ripping on the downhill sections? Probably not.

No but really teams, food/water, CX bikes?

-Yes, the route is closed to vehicular traffic and gets confusing, the buddy system is important. The route is exposed to sunlight at all times, water and food is important and there are no places to refuel. The climbing is sustained and very loose and rocky in some sections. CX gearing will come in handy as will the traction that the tires provide. Climbing will be less painful, descending will be more fun, and the likelihood of getting a flat will be significantly less. This is not an easy ride. The dirt will beat down your body in ways that a road century doesn’t.

See you out there.