Mudfoot Fundo Ride

What’s in a name? That which we call bike riding by any other name would be as rad! We ride bikes with skinny tires; we ride bikes with fat tires. Call it what you will, do it for reasons that you must, but grab a bike and ride.

Road ride, exposed single track, hike-a-bike, ‘alpine’ climbing, fire roads, canyon carving. Bike choice is key. We recommend, large tires with knobbies a good attitude, and some dirt skills (no, really)


Saturday May 23rd 7:00 AM Golden Saddle Cyclery

Approx. 100 miles 13k elevation gain. 7 miles of single track, 10 miles of dirt.

Bring food, tubes, tools, and at least 2 water bottles. Long day. Minimal support.

Minimal support?

-You are responsible for yourself, and trail courtesy dictates others as well. Bring at least 2 tubes, food (lots of it), and 2 bottles of water. There are several sections with no water, most the elevation gain will happen there. Some trail magic might come your way but don’t count on it. Bailout points are non-existent on the dirt sections.

Large tires, knobbies?

-Yes, don’t be ‘that guy’. This ride has been done on a road bike with 700×28 slicks. Was it fun?…of course. Was it as much fun as a bike not spinning out and ripping on the downhill sections? …probably not. But honestly ask yourself do you have the skills and the tubes to do it?

No but really, single track, exposure, food/water, knobbies bikes?


We’re not looking to raise any bars or alienate anyone, just sharing ‘the stoke’. Back in 2007 (or was it 2008), a young Cole Maness and Chet Bearclaw (back before his untimely disappearance while hand-gliding into a volcano) lead whiskey filled ride through some of these trails. This ride is in the spirit of those salad days and making rad decisions.

The climbing is sustained and very loose and rocky in some sections, sandy in others. Compact gearing will come in handy as will the traction that knobby tires provide. Climbing will be less painful, descending will be more fun, and the likelihood of getting a flat will be significantly less. This is not an easy ride. You will negotiate rock gardens and sections that will have you puckering. Ride within your limits.

MF Fundo cue sheet & GPX file (coming soon)