Come on out and enjoy the beautiful Angeles Forest on your bicycle May 23, 2015. The ride starts at Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles at 7am. It will be about 100 miles and around 12,000 feet of climbing. It will be hard but will be very rewarding.

Some vague details for now. More accurate details coming soon.

Donuts and coffee will be served at Golden Saddle Cyclery prior to the start but this ride is completely unsupported. There will be enough places to get water along way so long as you are carrying TWO bottles. Bring lots of snacks and whatever else your body needs. The ride will be going right by Newcombs Ranch Bar and Restaurant around Mile 65 so you can plan around that. Also. Be smart and either ride with a buddy or find somebody at the start to be a buddy with so if you go missing somebody will know you have gone missing.

We look forward to riding with you all in our beloved Angeles Forest.