Keeping the Fundo Fun. Important Stuff.

Fundo Riders. We want you all to come back safely to Golden Saddle Cyclery at the end of the day so we can eat some Pure Luck food and drink some beers with you. Below are some tips to ensure this happens.


It looks like the high will be around 55 in the mountains this Saturday with a 20% Chance of precipitation. That means it will be cold. And possibly wet. We highly recommend bringing a jacket and anything else you think you will need to stay warm.


As mentioned previously this ride does have some exposed single track. It could be dangerous. We recommend that if you are not comfortable riding exposed single track or are just not feeling good about it then you should take the alternate route. What is the alternate route you ask? The alternate abridged route is when you reach mile 20.72 instead of getting onto the Strawberry Peak trail you will continue on Hwy 2 Angeles Forest Hwy to mile 30.91 on the Route Slip below. This is Redbox where you will join the rest of the ride and continue on. You will still be catching the 10 miles of dirt starting at mile 50.25.

Ride Time and Lights.

This is a big ride. It is a lot of climbing. Which for most of us will be slow going. We are going to be trying our best to leave Golden Saddle at 7am. Please be on time. Depending on your pace and whether or not you have to deal with mechanicals you could end up coming back through the city in the dark. So bring a front and back blinky light.

Buddy Reminder

Please don’t forget. Buddy up with somebody. Make sure that you are accounted for. We will have a sign in sheet at the start, we hope that everyone who signs in either signs out when they return or calls Golden Saddle Cyclery to let us know you are safe.

And most importantly

This is just a ride a bunch of people are doing and you are joining in at your own risk. Nobody is putting this on. Nobody is responsible for you but you. We are just here to stoke the fire you all have for riding bicycles in our beloved Angeles Forest.