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How Do Ferrets Use a Litter box?

It doesn’t matter how much you love your ferret pets, there is one thing that the people who keep ferrets as their pets as they have a habit of popping around which is a problem of the smell it gives for the people living in the house. As you should definitely train your ferrets to… Read More »

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

When it comes to arranging the best chinchilla bedding, there are several choices available to select from. The willow and apple woods are most suggested option for chinchillas. Normally, many people know that the chinchillas require particular food items, but some of us do not know what the chinchillas need daily in their cages in… Read More »

The Most Important Gear a Bike Rider Should Have

There are many items that people say you should have on a bike. But, the most important one is the gloves. The helmet is equally important but not the most important one. Your fingers hit the ground hard and try to cover your face out of reflex. You need some slide resistant gloves to help… Read More »

What Road Bike Helmet to Pick?

Finding a road bike helmet can be a little confusing these days. They got the old bike helmet you use to wear growing up with the white foam underneath. Then, you got the aerodynamic and semi aero design bike helmet. It looks little like the skateboard helmets and lance armstrong helmets you see on TV… Read More »


Keeping the Fundo Fun. Important Stuff. Fundo Riders. We want you all to come back safely to Golden Saddle Cyclery at the end of the day so we can eat some Pure Luck food and drink some beers with you. Below are some tips to ensure this happens. Weather It looks like the high will… Read More »


Mudfoot Fundo Ride What’s in a name? That which we call bike riding by any other name would be as rad! We ride bikes with skinny tires; we ride bikes with fat tires. Call it what you will, do it for reasons that you must, but grab a bike and ride. Road ride, exposed single track,… Read More »


Come on out and enjoy the beautiful Angeles Forest on your bicycle May 23, 2015. The ride starts at Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles at 7am. It will be about 100 miles and around 12,000 feet of climbing. It will be hard but will be very rewarding. Some vague details for now. More accurate… Read More »


M   U   D   F   O   O   T T   H   E      D   I   R   T   Y      H   U   N   D   O C   Y   C   L   O   C   R   O… Read More »


On the day of Solstice in December, several Footers embarked on a recon/scout/unofficial group ride for what potentially could be the next Mudfoot Ride. The route, created by Moi aka @Mudfootismurder (you following us on Instagram?) proved to be challenging, spirit breaking, euphoric, and cold. Snow and ice sort of cold. At the end of the day we would clock in… Read More »