How Do Ferrets Use a Litter box?

It doesn’t matter how much you love your ferret pets, there is one thing that the people who keep ferrets as their pets as they have a habit of popping around which is a problem of the smell it gives for the people living in the house. As you should definitely train your ferrets to use a litter box to avoid this happening in the house. To make a ferret use a litter box is not an easy task but it is not impossible, as you should start training your ferrets as young as possible, as it is clear fact that babies usually can take the ideas fairly clearly.

This process of training your ferret pets to use the litter box is a little difficult with the older ferrets as that ferret has gone most of his life without using a litter box.

The use of the litter box

How Do Ferrets Use a Litter box?

the ferrets don’t really use a litter box but they are made to use them as it is considered necessary in order to keep your surroundings clean and not smelly with the litter around. The ferrets have a very fast metabolism, so when they feel like going they go for it, that is the reason the litter box should not be kept really far away from them, as a result of which they won’t use it then. It is even suggested that you tie your litter box to the cage of the ferret.

Always try to provide your ferrets with different areas where they can move or run, as there are chances that don’t like a particular area and if you put the litter box there then there is no chance that they are going to use it at all. one should also try to put multiple boxes in the corners of the house to have a feeling that is the place that is liked by your ferret.

How you can litter train your ferret?

How Do Ferrets Use a Litter box?

The task of training your ferrets needs some level of patience and understanding, you should always keep the litter box clean which is one way in which you can make your ferrets attracted to the litter boxes, as they are very unlikely to use a dirty litter box. There are various steps undertaken in order to train them as mentioned below:

Choose a safe litter box:

Not all the litter boxes that are available are safe for your ferrets. You should be really careful when it comes to choosing the litter boxes as there are many ferrets who have a very sensitive respiratory system, therefore, use a litter box that is dust-free, smell free and is safe for the ferret.

Always pick a big litter box:

Along with the safe litter box your box should also be big enough to fit in your pet as their all four paws need to fit in the box comfortably. It will also enable them to enter and come out of their boxes easily.

Try to place the litter box in the cage:

The litter training can be started by this first step of placing the litter box first in the cage of your ferret. Fill the litter box with your chosen litter as you need to make it clear for your ferret that they need to eliminate in the litter box and not anywhere.

Move the accidents to the litter box:

If your ferret has gone outside the box then try to move the accidents towards the litter box, which will help your freet to know the use of the litter box as ferrets have a tendency to eliminate in areas that have smelled of urine and feces.

Always praise your ferret for using the litter box:

The ferrets always respond to the positive gestures so always try to offer some praise to your ferrets if you find them using the litter box. Offer them the verbal praises once they are done and come pout of the; litter box.

Clean the litter box regularly:

Your ferret would never use a litter box that is dirty or has some kind of smell, so as to encourage your ferret to use the litter box try to keep them, as clean as possible for your own convenience.

How Do Ferrets Use a Litter Box?

How Do Ferrets Use a Litter box?

The ferrets are similar to cats in many ways, as they spend a whole lot of time for themselves and it is possible to make them litter train as mentioned above. The training helps your ferrets to keep their cage clean and tidy along with the controlling of the different odors. There are many litters that are considered good your ferrets and also some that are bad for them. you need to keep all the points in your mind when it comes to the different forms of litters.

The litter should be a safe one and one should always have the litter for their ferrets inside their cage as outside of the cage can cause them with accidents.. the ferrets are very active creatures na have a short digestive tract. Litter is known to be one of the most important things that should be chosen according to the nature of your ferret.

Is the litter box safe for the ferrets?

How Do Ferrets Use a Litter box?

Yes, definitely the litter box is used for the benefits of the ferrets. They serve the cleanness in the house along with the cleanness of the ferret. Just one needs to keep some points when you choose a particular ferret as it should be dust free and should consist of the properties of the odor controlling. The litter boxes are a safe alternative for the ferrets as any owner would want their pet to be in a healthy situation.

There are may litter available as said earlier but still, the one litter that serves the ferret according to their needs is the one known as the paper pellet ones which are said to be the best litters for ferrets.

Therefore, keeping a freet is a good choice you just need to keep in mind the training process of them for a litter box to keep them going always.

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

When it comes to arranging the best chinchilla bedding, there are several choices available to select from. The willow and apple woods are most suggested option for chinchillas. Normally, many people know that the chinchillas require particular food items, but some of us do not know what the chinchillas need daily in their cages in order to keep them happy and healthy as well. In fact, a space is more valuable in the chinchilla cage and they often like to climb as well as jump and they needs more space.

The chemicals present in cedar and pine can build them good for absorbing the bad odours, but quite terrible for your small chinchilla’s lungs. The chinchillas basically are adorable tiny rodents that mainly found on dry mountain areas. They are well-known; because of their thick soft fur, which safeguards them from the hard factors of the atmosphere. When you are dealing with a chinchilla cage, there are so many things needed to consider and below are some essential guidelines to follow before choosing the best chinchilla bedding:

Larger cage is good

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

close-up grey chinchilla in the cage

You should consider obtaining a larger cage for chinchillas; because they love to roam around, run and play in their cage often. Even the chinchillas are larger than guinea pigs and thus, the larger chinchilla cages are ideal choice for them to free play and jump around.

Prefer wire cage

The wire cage is a most preferred form of chinchilla’s cage in order to keep them in safeguarded all the times. Make sure the cage has to be plain wire that not coloured or painted to prevent intoxication while eaten. You can also even locate a cage in a strong table or in a stand for more protection.

Temperature monitor

You must also think on a suitable place, where to position the chinchilla cages preferably a cool place will do. You should be mindful not to expose too much lighting, which can cause overheating to them. Normally, the ideal temperature is setting between 65 to 75 degrees F.

Thorough cage cleaning

The chinchillas can obtain dirty more time, because of often wastes and urination. So, the regular floor cleaning should be done to sweep off the foul odours. The solid wood can be placed on a top of the wire floors, so not to hurt their feet. Also, the chinchillas like to piss in a specific place inside a cage, so placing the additional bedding can perform well in absorbing the additional odour and moisture as well.

Playing time

As like many pets, the chinchillas love to play by roaming and running around. Also, this is a best exercise for them to be healthy. If you need them to play outside of their cage, you just supervise them closely. The chinchillas also love to eat, so you have to give toys very carefully and not to provide them small toys that can be swallowed very easily.

Therefore, the chinchillas are delicate and very subtle to handle with a proper care and the best chinchilla bedding, so that they can feel better and healthier as well.

Bedding for chinchilla pets- Select a safe and practical cage that permits fast cleaning

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

When you are attempting to decide which form of cage might be the best choice for your new chinchilla, first of all, you must keep in mind that the chinchillas always love to climb and jump onto many things. So, it is good to select the best chinchilla bedding that is taller than it’s wide. You must also remember that these chinchillas are larger than guinea pigs, so they want bigger cages than any other pets. The tiny gaps on a bottom of the cage can support to avoid leg injuries, when your chinchilla runs or walks in its cage.

Usually, the best cages for chinchilla pets have a pull-out try to allow simple cleaning. If you have a solid floor, you can simply place the newspaper or wood shavings on the bottom. These pull-out trays must be cleaned minimum once in a week, but the solid floors will need it more often. You should also disinfect the whole cage thoroughly minimum once per month. Luckily, the chinchillas choose a specific area of a cage for urinating. This habit allows you to place the additional bedding over there and greatly supports to absorb the urine. In order to absorb the urine’s odour, you can even sprinkle some baking soda spread over there.

Making a comfortable bedding for your chinchilla

What Type of Bedding Can Chinchillas Have?

In fact, the chinchilla cage is ultimately important in order to build your pet healthy and happy as well. This cage should be perfect in all measures as well as senses. The foremost thing to learn is that the chinchillas are naturally exotic animals. But, these chinchillas are not at all equivalent to ferrets, rabbits and hamsters as well. Actually, these chinchilla pets need specific cage preparation from inside to outside, size and shape of a cage that matters more. Below are step by step procedures to make a most comfortable cage for your chinchilla that includes:

Location of a cage

The chinchillas always love to be in a cold place. Hence, locate a cage in such place that is non-drafty, well-ventilated and also definitely cool. Also, the cage should not be place in an area that is over 70 F in temperature.

Size of a cage

The chinchillas are very active and they require more space to run or jump all over there. The minimal measurement for a cage of chinchilla is around 3 ft x 3 ft. If a cage is tiny in size, then your pet will be greatly prone to behavioural problems and specific health issues.

If you decide on having a chinchilla pet in your home, these things will surely you want to know on how to care for your pet. When it comes to the chinchilla cages, you can prefer to select the best chinchilla bedding in order to keep your pet happy and healthy forever.

The Most Important Gear a Bike Rider Should Have

There are many items that people say you should have on a bike. But, the most important one is the gloves. The helmet is equally important but not the most important one. Your fingers hit the ground hard and try to cover your face out of reflex. You need some slide resistant gloves to help with that. Next, we buy the helmet that is strong enough to protect you against any impact collision. Buy the best helmet for motorcycle you can find. Being cheap is not an option here considering your head is what keeps you alive. Once that snaps in spine you become paralyzed or dead. Last, You need a good long leather jacket. One that comes with padding and can protect you from falling. Purchase these 3 bike gear types and you should be ready to ride on the road. Want to know a little more? Read what is below.

Buy a Helmet

The Most Important Gear a Bike Rider Should Have

A helmet is something you need every 5 years. Don’t depend on that helmet to last you forever. Helmets are glued together and that glue loses its grip over the years. A lot faster than you would think. Have your helmet replaced as soon as you can afford it. Next, buy the best helmet for motorcycle period. Don’t worry about the price. Worry about the accidents your going to get into. I know you think your never going to fall off your bike. But, that is not really the case. I fell off my bike from a small puddle in the road. It is going to happen man. Might not be a big scale ever year but expect little incidents where you fall off bike and bike is still ok.

 Boots Would be Good Idea

Having a nice pair of boots go along way. Boots are your best protection in getting your legs in one piece. Boots are one of the first thing to hit the ground. Having nice steal toe boots would be even better. Your legs could twist in that road if you are going too fast. If you are going to get into a accident, drive into the grass and slow down. It doesn’t matter if you fall off but if you go fast, cause you will mess your bike up and possible twist your legs and cause you to go to hospital. Above all, wear some boots and slow down. You think your fast but you are nothing when the bike loses control and you end up swinging in the sky. You really need to slow down when you see a car in front and drive the speed limit when cars are on the road. All this will make sense once you get into your first accident. No matter what, always wear boots on a bike and slow down before accidents.

 Jacket With Padding for Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle padded jackets are now assailable with the best helmet for motorcycle. This type of jacket is not like a typical 1980 black jacket. It is a very padded motorcycle jacket that is designed to keep you safe when you fall. Padding is added to the sleeves, back, chest, fore arms, and shoulder. You will look like your wearing a jacket on the outside. But, on the inside you will feel a protected vest that will keep you safe on the road. Now, it won’t protect you if you go too fast. But, you can depend on it if you remember to slow down and get into small accidents. The cuts and bruises you normally get will go away. Also, when you fall off your bike you will feel good and safe.

What Road Bike Helmet to Pick?

Finding a road bike helmet can be a little confusing these days. They got the old bike helmet you use to wear growing up with the white foam underneath. Then, you got the aerodynamic and semi aero design bike helmet. It looks little like the skateboard helmets and lance armstrong helmets you see on TV in case you don’t know. Each helmet adds a high demand of protection and can protect you from impacts on bike. Remember, your riding in a bicycle so you shouldn’t need too much protection. If you plan to go down a hill or in woods, your going to need some elbow pads and knee pads too. Back to the main point, you need a best road bike helmet and I will be happy to assist. Read more on this below

Helmets With Full Ventilation

Helmets with full ventilation are the bike helmets you had when you was a kid. Made of foam and other very light weight material. Protects your head from a fall for a limited amount of times. This is not a problem if you don’t plan on falling off your bike more than once. I always fall off once. Never seem to fall off twice. If I was going on a friendly bike splurging path in woods, I would definitely sport this helmet. It brings in so much wind to your head. You hair will not overheat and you will feel like there is a air condition machine going on up there. Great helmet for women too. Women don’t like dealing with sweat in their hair. Get this helmet if you think you won’t fall many times off bike and happen to be a woman.

 Aero Road Bike Helmets

Aero road bike helmets for people who are serious bike racers or racing on bicycles for cash. You should go with these helmets to increase your speed. Now, you need a proper road bike to accommodate and pretty good brakes. Otherwise, your not going to catch as much speed as you should. Additionally, consider getting yourself tires made of pure rubber. No air tires on bike. You got to be serious going down that road and riding the road is going come with hitting small glass cuts and nails. As far as the helmet goes, it is very hard too. Can protect your head really well. But, your face might not get the protection it wants. Now, your nose might not be safe. Helmet not designed to protect nose. The sides of face will not be protected either. You ideally don’t need face protection but you7 should be aware that your face will not be protected with a aero helmet. You might need to wear something else if you want full face protection like a motorcycle helmet or dirt bike helmet which you only need when racing. When your racing on bikes, you get careless and bad things happen really fast.

 Skate Board Bike Helmets

Last, we have the skate board bike helmets. They look like skatebaord helmets and look cool. Don’t let the looks fool you. These helmets can take extreme punishment and good for people who plan to fall off a lot. Designed for skateboarding initially, but can also be used for biking and sky diving. Your helmet will last at least one year with any basic skate board helmet. Impact from the side of face, back, top, and front will be protected. Eyes might need some goggles to get full protection. But, you will get a descent amount of protection for going down any hill in forest area. The draw back, you have to deal with a little helmet weight. The helmets vary in weight size. But, the heavy ones tend to protect your head the best. Skateboard helmets come in many colors, so you won’t have a problem finding a color you like. I also said they look cool earlier. Yes, they look really cool and will not make people think you’re a freak when they see you in person. People will give you a nod and keep walking. All in one, this the best road bike helmet for riding a bike in forest and looking cool. In terms of speed racing, you should go with a aero bike helmet.


Keeping the Fundo Fun. Important Stuff.

Fundo Riders. We want you all to come back safely to Golden Saddle Cyclery at the end of the day so we can eat some Pure Luck food and drink some beers with you. Below are some tips to ensure this happens.


It looks like the high will be around 55 in the mountains this Saturday with a 20% Chance of precipitation. That means it will be cold. And possibly wet. We highly recommend bringing a jacket and anything else you think you will need to stay warm.


As mentioned previously this ride does have some exposed single track. It could be dangerous. We recommend that if you are not comfortable riding exposed single track or are just not feeling good about it then you should take the alternate route. What is the alternate route you ask? The alternate abridged route is when you reach mile 20.72 instead of getting onto the Strawberry Peak trail you will continue on Hwy 2 Angeles Forest Hwy to mile 30.91 on the Route Slip below. This is Redbox where you will join the rest of the ride and continue on. You will still be catching the 10 miles of dirt starting at mile 50.25.

Ride Time and Lights.

This is a big ride. It is a lot of climbing. Which for most of us will be slow going. We are going to be trying our best to leave Golden Saddle at 7am. Please be on time. Depending on your pace and whether or not you have to deal with mechanicals you could end up coming back through the city in the dark. So bring a front and back blinky light.

Buddy Reminder

Please don’t forget. Buddy up with somebody. Make sure that you are accounted for. We will have a sign in sheet at the start, we hope that everyone who signs in either signs out when they return or calls Golden Saddle Cyclery to let us know you are safe.

And most importantly

This is just a ride a bunch of people are doing and you are joining in at your own risk. Nobody is putting this on. Nobody is responsible for you but you. We are just here to stoke the fire you all have for riding bicycles in our beloved Angeles Forest.


Mudfoot Fundo Ride

What’s in a name? That which we call bike riding by any other name would be as rad! We ride bikes with skinny tires; we ride bikes with fat tires. Call it what you will, do it for reasons that you must, but grab a bike and ride.

Road ride, exposed single track, hike-a-bike, ‘alpine’ climbing, fire roads, canyon carving. Bike choice is key. We recommend, large tires with knobbies a good attitude, and some dirt skills (no, really)


Saturday May 23rd 7:00 AM Golden Saddle Cyclery

Approx. 100 miles 13k elevation gain. 7 miles of single track, 10 miles of dirt.

Bring food, tubes, tools, and at least 2 water bottles. Long day. Minimal support.

Minimal support?

-You are responsible for yourself, and trail courtesy dictates others as well. Bring at least 2 tubes, food (lots of it), and 2 bottles of water. There are several sections with no water, most the elevation gain will happen there. Some trail magic might come your way but don’t count on it. Bailout points are non-existent on the dirt sections.

Large tires, knobbies?

-Yes, don’t be ‘that guy’. This ride has been done on a road bike with 700×28 slicks. Was it fun?…of course. Was it as much fun as a bike not spinning out and ripping on the downhill sections? …probably not. But honestly ask yourself do you have the skills and the tubes to do it?

No but really, single track, exposure, food/water, knobbies bikes?


We’re not looking to raise any bars or alienate anyone, just sharing ‘the stoke’. Back in 2007 (or was it 2008), a young Cole Maness and Chet Bearclaw (back before his untimely disappearance while hand-gliding into a volcano) lead whiskey filled ride through some of these trails. This ride is in the spirit of those salad days and making rad decisions.

The climbing is sustained and very loose and rocky in some sections, sandy in others. Compact gearing will come in handy as will the traction that knobby tires provide. Climbing will be less painful, descending will be more fun, and the likelihood of getting a flat will be significantly less. This is not an easy ride. You will negotiate rock gardens and sections that will have you puckering. Ride within your limits.

MF Fundo cue sheet & GPX file (coming soon)


Come on out and enjoy the beautiful Angeles Forest on your bicycle May 23, 2015. The ride starts at Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles at 7am. It will be about 100 miles and around 12,000 feet of climbing. It will be hard but will be very rewarding.

Some vague details for now. More accurate details coming soon.

Donuts and coffee will be served at Golden Saddle Cyclery prior to the start but this ride is completely unsupported. There will be enough places to get water along way so long as you are carrying TWO bottles. Bring lots of snacks and whatever else your body needs. The ride will be going right by Newcombs Ranch Bar and Restaurant around Mile 65 so you can plan around that. Also. Be smart and either ride with a buddy or find somebody at the start to be a buddy with so if you go missing somebody will know you have gone missing.

We look forward to riding with you all in our beloved Angeles Forest.


M   U   D   F   O   O   T

T   H   E      D   I   R   T   Y      H   U   N   D   O

C   Y   C   L   O   C   R   O   S   S

M   A   R   C   H      2   9 TH      7   :   0   0      A   M

G   O   L   D   E   N      S   A   D   D   L   E      C   Y   C   L   E   R   Y

9   0      m   i   l   e   s      9 k      e   l   e   v   a   t   i   o   n

3   5      m   i   l   e   s      o   f      d   i   r   t

3      p   e   r   s   o   n      t   e   a   m   s

Traveling a familiar route up Hwy 39 a left a turn finds a closed trail scarred by the 2009 Station Fire. 25 miles of dirt to Red Box, a climb up towards Mt. Wilson, and rocky descent down Mt. Lowe finds you dirty, tired, and stoked.

Three-person team format. Email name of riders, team name, and city to:

[email protected]

Bring food, tubes, tools, and at least 2 water bottles. Minimal support.

Three person team?

-Yes, cause riding with friends is fun, and safe.

Minimal support?

-You are responsible for yourself and your teammates. Bring at least 2 tubes, food (lots of it), and 2 bottles of water. There is a 35-mile stretch with no water, most the elevation gain will happen there. Some trail magic might come your way but don’t count on it. Bailout points are non-existent for most of the ride.

Cyclocross bike?

-Yes, don’t be ‘that guy’. This ride has been done on a road bike with 700×23 tires. Was it fun? Of course. Was it as much fun as a CX bike not spinning out and ripping on the downhill sections? Probably not.

No but really teams, food/water, CX bikes?

-Yes, the route is closed to vehicular traffic and gets confusing, the buddy system is important. The route is exposed to sunlight at all times, water and food is important and there are no places to refuel. The climbing is sustained and very loose and rocky in some sections. CX gearing will come in handy as will the traction that the tires provide. Climbing will be less painful, descending will be more fun, and the likelihood of getting a flat will be significantly less. This is not an easy ride. The dirt will beat down your body in ways that a road century doesn’t.

See you out there.


On the day of Solstice in December, several Footers embarked on a recon/scout/unofficial group ride for what potentially could be the next Mudfoot Ride. The route, created by Moi aka @Mudfootismurder (you following us on Instagram?) proved to be challenging, spirit breaking, euphoric, and cold. Snow and ice sort of cold.

At the end of the day we would clock in almost a century with over 8k of climbing on various dirt roads, some covered in snow and ice. HC category type terrain full of climbing, steep steep climbing. No mechanicals, no flats, all good.

The seven of us straddled our cyclocross bikes and left Intelli Coffee and headed East.

Temps were still in low 50′s and we hadn’t reached the Mountains. Clouds hovered over the San Gabriel mountain range, as sort of an omen for the day.

We finally hit dirt and it was up for pretty much the rest of the day. All smiles as we took in the various terrain changes you uncover as you head farther and father into desolation.

You can see the earth change on itself switchback after switchback.

Things started to get hard. We hit a section of the climb that felt like a wall (you experience a ‘WTF!’ moment when you see it). Some were forced to dismount (which we avoid at all physical costs), while others barely kept enough rear tyre traction to make it to the top. The 360° views provided just enough distraction from the difficulty of the ride. And we were only half way into the 30 mile dirt climb.

Lunch/mental break.

Bike break.

As we pushed on, bear tracks were aplenty as we headed deeper into the mountains.

Hitting some snow and ice at this point, and making sure to have fun.

The day was getting shorter very quickly, as we work our way out back to familiar roads.

There is a light, that never goes out.

We just made the Red Box Ranger Station to get some Cokes, candy and other junk food to fuel our final stretch home. The descent was fast … the CHP thought so.

And we closed the chapter on one of the best group rides some of us have experienced.